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0000004Macintosh GardenFeaturepublic2019-08-12 17:49
ReporterBolkonskijAssigned TofogWraith 
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PlatformMacOSMacOSOS Version9.2.2
Summary0000004: UI: visual seperation of downloads; adding description texts
DescriptionHow is it now:
- Downloads are added as a box each chronologically according to the time they were added. (yeah, who sorts manually anyway)

- Downloads miss a descriptive text to make for an easy identification of which download is what. Instead, it requires the user to scroll down and read the description before choosing the appropriate download file.

- As the Garden grows, the download lists grow longer and longer

What do I propose:

- visually separate game files from add-ons like updates, cheaters, scenarios etc. (I've enclosed a quick sketch to what I mean)
- allow the users to add a descriptive text per each download
- fix the font sizes to make the text easier to read
- add a good category h3 for SEO purposes
Steps To Reproducenot applicable non-sense - that's what I hate these systems for
Additional InformationI've seen the light! I've seen the MG server room! :-D
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2019-08-12 17:49


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